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Integrates with just about any digital radiography or imaging product.

An affordable practice management software for practices big and small.

Easy to Install – Easy to Learn – Easy to Use

All-in-one software

From Accounting and Scheduling in the front office, to periodontal charting and treatment planning in the back office – Tracker has your practice covered


Tracker offers you a collection of software features that can help build your business with its integrated business solutions. With Tracker you leverage the software to improve patient care and increase your bottom line.


Maximizing productivity is a key to the success of your dental practice. Simple and easy to use integrated eServices boost front office productivity and patient communications.


Improve clinical care with comprehensive software tools for charting, treatment planning and notes. You can go fully paperless which can strengthen your relationships with vendors and save you time.

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  • Dental Office Avatar
    Dental Office
    12-11-2019 - Google

    I spoke to Dan Greer today. He was so patient with me and had a great sense of humor! He was very pleasant to deal with and super helpful! Thanks Dan!

  • Woodroffe Dental Avatar
    Woodroffe Dental
    24-10-2019 - Google

    Daniel and the tracker team are wonderful. Our issue was resolved quickly and efficiently. Excellent customer service. Thank you for all your help, we really appreciated.

  • Annette Malott Avatar
    Annette Malott
    17-10-2019 - Google

    Service is always exceptional! Wait times are minimal and the techs continuously going above and beyond their job description to give me a extra hand. I am grateful for the help and guidance especially from Nick, he is always a delight to speak with.

  • Cadboro Bay Dental Avatar
    Cadboro Bay Dental
    10-10-2019 - Google

    Very helpful customer support. I'm so grateful for Dan's help today. He was so patient with trouble shooting the issue I was having and working together to find a solution. Thank you Dan.

  • Norton Dental Vaughan Avatar
    Norton Dental Vaughan
    07-10-2019 - Google

    Great customer service. Nicholas quickly and efficiently helped resolve our scheduling issue and put a smile on our faces.

  • Jen G Avatar
    Jen G
    23-08-2019 - Google

    Upgrade to Tracker 11 today, very reluctant to make the switch but Theresa was amazing! Very patient and knowledgeable, it wouldn’t have been an easy day without her. Hope to see her again

  • Melanie Levine Avatar
    Melanie Levine
    20-08-2019 - Google

    We upgraded our Tracker program and are very happy with the training and help we received along the way. We always had our questions answered in a timely manor. Thank you Tracker for making this change go as smooth as possible.

  • Wonnita Mac Avatar
    Wonnita Mac
    19-08-2019 - Google

    I love my experience with The Bridge Network specifically the Tracker Dental Program. I am always responded to quickly. The team are very knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions. We scheduled training for our new hygienists and she said it was fantastic! I highly recommend this program and company.

  • Allan Hynes Avatar
    Allan Hynes
    19-08-2019 - Google

    Great experience. Rebecca was very knowledgeable and friendly. She answered all our questions and made sure we were comfortable with the program before ending the session. She is always available to take a call if we need to ask a question.

  • Vera Penuvchev Avatar
    Vera Penuvchev
    23-07-2019 - Google

    Everyone at Tracker is amazing!! Especially Dan G..and Dalida!! The software is current and very versatile. Highly recommend Tracker and the entire team.

  • Danica S Avatar
    Danica S
    11-07-2019 - Google

    Nick spent over an hour on the phone with me this morning to solve the most outrageous puzzle. He was polite, patient and walked me through every single step of the way. He took the time to explain in detail the proper procedures to rectify the problem. He took an issue that would have taken all day to sort out and efficiently solved everything! Thank you so much!

  • Andrea McIsaac Avatar
    Andrea McIsaac
    19-06-2019 - Google

    Tracker is an amazing product. Their software is so encompassing and helps my dental office run from financials to the clinical. The service and support is top notch and Nick was so helpful today. Love the software and support and if you own a dental office you NEED TO HAVE TRACKER!

  • Markham Dentistry Avatar
    Markham Dentistry
    16-05-2019 - Google

    Honestly, when ever I call Tracker and speak to any of their staff I get exactly what I ask for. They are very informative and knowledgeable. It is a pleasure in dealing with them ALWAYS. I would strongly recommend their services to everyone. Very happy customer.
    Office Manager.

  • Marlene Wilson Avatar
    Marlene Wilson
    06-05-2019 - Google

    I was lost on a few points and before total frustration set in, I called for help. After being on hold for only 47 seconds, Kirk answered and was so knowledgeable and helpful. He took the time to explain everything to me.
    Great service! Impressive!

  • Annabel Braganza Avatar
    Annabel Braganza
    25-04-2019 - Google

    Had the pleasure of having Nicholas as our IT Support today. We had questions about using the hygiene retention list and appoint manager. Not only was he very informative and insightful but he was a delight to talk to as well. He has impeccable customer service skills. I highly recommend Tracker - The Bridge Network not only for their software but for their amazing customer service that their team provides! 5 stellar stars from our office - Shannon

  • Juli Johnson Avatar
    Juli Johnson
    12-04-2019 - Google

    I would highly recommend the use of Tracker for any dental practice. The developers and team are amazing. Not only are they highly professional, they listen to our software needs and build into the system.
    The software is user friendly and functions at top level in both the financial and clinical aspect.
    Juli Johnson
    PDG Dental

  • Wonnita Mac Avatar
    Wonnita Mac
    12-04-2019 - Google

    I love my experience with The Bridge Network specifically the Tracker Dental Program. I am always responded to quickly. The team are very knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions. I highly recommend this program and company.

  • Rebecca Mosychuk Avatar
    Rebecca Mosychuk
    20-03-2019 - Google

    Had the pleasure of having Dan G as our IT Support today. We were upgrading our system and had a few questions. Not only was he very informative and insightful but he was a delight to talk to as well. He has impeccable customer service skills. I highly recommend Tracker - The Bridge Network not only for their software but for their amazing customer service that their team provides! 5 stellar stars from our office - Northern Horizon Dental

  • Chapleau Dental Avatar
    Chapleau Dental
    14-03-2019 - Google

    We have been using Tracker for years now at our Dental practice and we would highly recommend it. The program is user friendly and works really well in our office. The Tracker IT Support are truly amazing, always going above and beyond to help us with our technical issues. Thank you for the amazing customer support!

  • SunnyView DCM Avatar
    SunnyView DCM
    19-02-2019 - Google

    Adina was very knowledgeable with Tracker and the clinical side of the software, which our team greatly appreciated.

    I would recommend a small group for training sessions in the future to ensure more one on one training with each team member.

    We are looking forward to our 6 month follow up session, where Tracker can audit our successes and area's in which we could benefit with additional training.

  • aggie b Avatar
    aggie b
    14-02-2019 - Google

    I deal with Tracker Support quite frequently and they are always super helpful. I had Nick help me today and it was probably the best conversation I've ever had with a Tracker Support Staff. He was able to fix my issue quickly and was a pleasure to talk to! He was personable and funny. Thanks for all your help Nick!

  • Alexey Drozd Avatar
    Alexey Drozd
    13-02-2019 - Google

    Nick went above and beyond in helping me with my accounting dilemma. He was extremely pleasant and very knowledgeable. Nick stayed on the phone until I was comfortable to proceed without him. A big THANK YOU!

  • Edward Kim Avatar
    Edward Kim
    12-02-2019 - Google

    Great technical support team, Dan recently went above and beyond to fix a claims submissions issue. Overall, everyone at Tracker, from Admin to training personnel have been professional and helpful. Great response times too.

  • Cheryl Romeril Avatar
    Cheryl Romeril
    12-02-2019 - Google

    We have been partnered with The Bridge Network since 2002 and they are a great company to deal with. Their technicians are fabulous and their trainers are fantastic. We had a "glitch" recently and the technical team never gave up until the solution was found. (Thanks Dan!) We are a large office and very busy so timely solutions are imperative....that is what we receive from Tracker everytime!

  • Akeel Al-Dabboos Avatar
    Akeel Al-Dabboos
    07-02-2019 - Google

    Thank you Nick -Amazing service!!! If you need someone to help you Nick is the one to ask for. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, very patient and most of all resolve your issues. Thanks again Nick!

  • Lambton Shores Family Dental Avatar
    Lambton Shores Family Dental
    29-01-2019 - Google

    I spoke with Nick today from Tracker support! He is amazing and was able to help me with a bulk insurance cheque I was having problems with. I love tracker support always so helpful and friendly when I call! Thanks guys!

  • Deborah Aber Avatar
    Deborah Aber
    17-01-2019 - Google

    We just set up a Pediatric Dental practice and would highly recommend Tracker. The program has so much to offer from clinical and business standpoints. It is user friendly and helps us to be more efficient. The customer service has been excellent from demo to training. Michael has went above and beyond to help us. Jessica is a skilled, friendly, patient and excellent trainer. The team as a whole is professional and very customer service oriented.

  • Vandna Sharma Avatar
    Vandna Sharma
    16-01-2019 - Google

    Our clinic has had an amazing experience with Tracker. They have helped us set up our Pediatric Dental office. Michael and Jessica have provided us with excellent customer service. They make themselves available when needed and are quick to respond to issues. We would recommend them without hesitation!

  • Cindy @ Kids Dental Group Avatar
    Cindy @ Kids Dental Group
    21-12-2018 - Google

    We have used Tracker for the last 7+ years and have used both Tracker 10 and 11, so I've seen many great changes and improvements with the software. We've transitioned from 1 office to 3 offices, and merging the database together earlier this year. John was awesome with helping us with the big merge! He was always there to make sure we had a smooth transition. When we have any issues and he's not available, he's quick to redirect us to another tech on his team - Greg and Steve - who are also very knowledgeable and helpful! We highly recommend Tracker as it's very user-friendly and there's so many features that come with the software that I am still learning about today.

  • Cencom Group Avatar
    Cencom Group
    19-12-2018 - Google

    Over the past 20+ years we have been assisting numerous dental practices across the Greater Toronto Area with their IT needs. Our experience using Tracker as their practice management software of choice has been nothing short then outstanding. John and his team are always there to support you and goes above and beyond their standard offerings. Keep up the good work!

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