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An affordable “all-in-one” practice management software for practices big & small.


Tracker offers you a collection of software features that can help build your business with its integrated business solutions. With Tracker you leverage the software to improve patient care and increase your bottom line.


Maximizing productivity is a key to the success of your dental practice. Simple and easy to use integrated eServices boost front office productivity and patient communications.


Improve clinical care with comprehensive software tools for charting, treatment planning and notes. You can go fully paperless to strengthen your relationships with vendors and save you time.

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  • NOVO Dental Avatar
    NOVO Dental
    10/08/2021 - Google

    Thank you for the ongoing and informative webinar series - each time we participate we become even more efficient in our client care as you introduce us to additional features we were not fully utilizing!! 😊👍

  • Alyssa Vanderwal Avatar
    Alyssa Vanderwal
    9/09/2021 - Google

    Tracker is by far my favourite dental software program . It is user friendly and has great tech support. Nicholas was an exceptional today, and Cameron has also really wowed me with above and beyond service. Thanks for always helping to smooth out whatever issues may arise in our day!

  • S Chatham Dental Avatar
    S Chatham Dental
    8/24/2021 - Google

    Garcia Dental Care-Queen had the pleasure and privilege to have Adina Bartos for Tracker 11 training in our office. She was very informative and structured which allowed for a great deal of information to be shared. We would highly recommend Adina as your trainer.

  • Front Desk Avatar
    Front Desk
    8/09/2021 - Google

    Adina was a great asset to our office. We were all struggling trying to get a handle on the program. She helped to give us clarity. We will certainly be calling her for a return visit, as we progress with the program

  • Dina Lebowitz Avatar
    Dina Lebowitz
    6/24/2021 - Google

    Our specialty dental practice recently became a new Tracker client. We had the fortunate experience of having Dalida as our in-office trainer. She made the transition from our previous software as smooth as possible. She is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. She made sure that everyone at the office was comfortable with the transition. Also, thanks to Kelly at head office for answering all of my questions.

  • Dr. Daniel H Zimmerman Avatar
    Dr. Daniel H Zimmerman
    6/16/2021 - Google

    Lea from Dr. Daniel Zimmermans office. Just received the Tracker 11 upgrade. I spent an hour and a half today with Kirk on training session. Kirk was very kind and patient. Dr Zimmerman and I are very grateful for his compassion and guidance. We highly recommend him!

  • Aliki Iordanidis Avatar
    Aliki Iordanidis
    6/03/2021 - Google

    Thank you very much Ky. Your help today trouble shooting our problem was excellent. Your patience with us was above and beyond. The transition from Tracker 10 to Tracker 11 has a real learning curve and you helped so much to balance with our batch payment. We can go home now. Thank you. You are a great asset to your company.

  • Megan Busby Avatar
    Megan Busby
    5/21/2021 - Google

    Dan at Tracker and all Tracker employees are extremely helpful and always available and have the right answers. I recommend them 100%. I have been using them for 10 years now within the clinics I have been working in and have never had an issue. I am always able to let anyone know my experience if any one has questions about how Tracker is in the Dental clinics.

  • Reception Staff Avatar
    Reception Staff
    5/10/2021 - Google

    My office uses Tracker for our dental software. We were experiencing some issues with the automatic email system and I had left a message on the Tracker help line. One of the employees, Neil, called me back the very next business day and resolved all the issues I was having. He was knowledgeable, pleasant on the phone, and explained all the technical issues I was experiencing in very easy to understand terms. Would recommend!

  • Cass Amalia Avatar
    Cass Amalia
    5/05/2021 - Google

    Nick from Tracker Support was awesome! Helped me so much in less than 5 minutes. Everyone should use Tracker and hopefully you get Nick to help you! Amazing amazing amazing!

  • Myra The Wire Works Avatar
    Myra The Wire Works
    4/09/2021 - Google

    I have been a client of The Bridge Network for 20+ years. I love their software and the frequent updates and most definitely the care and immediate response from the tech support representatives. Shout out to Jerome, John and Dalida!

  • Cathy Connors Avatar
    Cathy Connors
    3/17/2021 - Google

    We have had a few issues due to a power surge and I have called Nick at Tracker support 4 times today. He is without doubt the most patient person I have spoken to there. He is friendly and very knowledgable. He fixed our system and seemed happy to do so, even after the fourth call. Thanks Nick, you are a star (or a 5 stars)

  • S Chatham Dental Avatar
    S Chatham Dental
    3/16/2021 - Google

    Garcia Dental Care-Queen has had the pleasure of being trained by Theresa ( a Tracker Trainer) while we transitioned from Tracker 10 to Tracker 11. She is very knowledgeable in her field enabling us to feel confident and comfortable moving forward with Tracker 11. She was helpful supporting us in person and virtually.

  • Dr Kevin Huang Avatar
    Dr Kevin Huang
    3/09/2021 - Google

    Spoke to Ky . I had the most amazing experience. He took his time and answer all my questions as well as listening of every little details I have a concern with, I fell more confidence today after talking to him regarding updated some medicals forms. In general he knows very well what he is talking about. He also took his time to ask me otter things about the program in case I wasn't sure. He is a great support hopefully stay with tracker forever.

  • Xiao Hua Song Avatar
    Xiao Hua Song
    3/04/2021 - Google

    MD is very professional. I am impressed by his knowledge for tracker.Most important is attitude to the customer. He is very patient to my poor knowledge about tracker and Technical skill.I learn a lot today from him.He is best one so far for me to communicate with tracker.

  • Nicole Stobbart Avatar
    Nicole Stobbart
    2/12/2021 - Google

    We were having issues with insurance cheques and Dan at Tracker Support helped me along the way. It took us a few weeks of back and forth but he followed up with me every week to work on the issue at hand. Tracker Support has been a great help to us for many other issues as well and I would recommend this program to any office.

  • Christine H. Avatar
    Christine H.
    2/11/2021 - Google

    NICHOLAS from customer support deserves a big fat raise. He was SUPER HELPFUL, courteous, and went above and beyond helping us get our covid screening templates and confirmation messages up to a top notch level of quality. I really appreciated his ease and proactivenes. In 8 years of working in dentistry, I must say that after speaking with HUNDREDS of customer service representatives, Nicholas' customer care and work ethic goes UNMATCHED with anyone that has been on the other end of the phone line trouble shooting with me before. THANK YOU !!! Keep making people laugh. You made my day, and I know you will bless many others!... GIVE THIS GUY A RAISE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Paqueo Avatar
    Sarah Paqueo
    2/10/2021 - Google

    I had a pretty dire issue and called Tracker Support. Was greeted by Nicholas who helped resolve my issue in no time. Nicholas, it is always a pleasure to work with you. I know that I am in good hands when you pick up. While Tracker Support is incredibly helpful, I do find that Nicholas goes above and beyond. Thanks again! - Sarah

  • Kim Gobbett Avatar
    Kim Gobbett
    2/01/2021 - Google

    I have had a few questions I had called in about in the past that did not seem to be resolved given the answers I was explained. Thank you Jeffrey for your help last Friday, you were a five star rating. , I clicked off 4 for now until we see the result of the other matter that you are attending to this week. Again, you made it very easy for me to understand and were patient when explaining how the errors were occurring.
    I do hope to get you on the phone should we encounter another question here at Mint Dental.

  • Barbara Ann Parker Avatar
    Barbara Ann Parker
    1/18/2021 - Google

    Ky was simply amazing!! Sooo helpful and thorough, making sure I was learning in the process with him! He was patient and totally knew his stuff! I want his support each time I call!!

  • Word Is Alive Avatar
    Word Is Alive
    1/15/2021 - Google

    Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Nick. I never take the time to write reviews however I feel this experience is worth the effort. Not only did he resolve my complicated accounting challenge in a very timely manner, he was also very friendly, professional, patient, hilarious and turned a frustrating situation into an enjoyable learning experience. I highly recommend this company based on my assistance today. Nothing short of spectacular customer service!!!

  • SunnyView Georgetown Avatar
    SunnyView Georgetown
    12/18/2020 - Google

    I had the pleasure of speaking with MD. He was very patient and answered all of my questions without hesitation. One the best tech support services ever received. Thank you MD!!

  • Keely Matheson Avatar
    Keely Matheson
    11/27/2020 - Google

    We recently switched over to digital charting with Tracker (previously only using the practice-management software) and both the phone support and in-office training have been awesome! Both trainers (Jessica and Danika) brought 'pearls' of insight from their own experiences using Tracker chairside in their own offices.

  • South Georgetown Dental Avatar
    South Georgetown Dental
    11/04/2020 - Google

    Tracker's e-services are absolutely fantastic! Our office has been able to save so much administrative time with features like E-forms, two way texting, and reviews! The e-forms have truly allowed our office to run much more efficiently, especially considering the new COVID protocols.

    Additionally, every time we have a question the teams at tracker always returns calls promptly, and ensure all our questions are answered. They often end up teaching us more about some of the powerful tools tracker has, in such easy to understand ways. I've also attended some of the webinars, and they are really great info sessions that help you better understand the full capacity of the software.

    Thank you!

  • Samantha Bracken Avatar
    Samantha Bracken
    11/04/2020 - Google

    Dan was amazing to deal with! He was kind, and understanding and was able to help resolve my problem quick and efficiently! He not only helped fix the problem but also explained how I can avoid it going forward. Great experience! Thank you!

  • Ash Tran Avatar
    Ash Tran
    10/22/2020 - Google

    Nick is a complete gem. Super helpful and a delight to speak with. All of Tracker support has been amazing. Nick goes above and beyond. Thank you for making the transition to Tracker so pleasant!

  • Pat Semeniuk Avatar
    Pat Semeniuk
    8/24/2020 - Google

    Five star rating in my eyes for two team members at the Bridge Network! When you are stuck in a comfort zone as I was for over twenty years and then you learn something new.......well I'm all for it, but as an individual you are only good as the Tech people pushing you to be better. Kudos go out to Kirk and Nicholas who have been my mentors through this transition, they have kept the smoke coming out of my ears to a minimum. Thanks Gentlemen!
    Pat Semeniuk
    Dr. Bourgon's Dental Office

  • Vee Yates Avatar
    Vee Yates
    8/19/2020 - Google

    I come from an abeldent background and have been using tracker for over a year and I would never want to go back. Tracker is so user friendly and efficient. I call support for help and they are always so pleasant and really know what they are doing. MD was an amazing help as well with my last question. Keep up the great work!!

  • Dental Office Avatar
    Dental Office
    7/17/2020 - Google

    IT support is fully knowledgeable, responds in a timely manner and is super punctual with over phone appointments. Today Dan did some necessary updates on our Tracker software and fully explained what was being done. He was professional and provided answers to my several questions. We have always been happy with their service from day one whether it was IT support or calling in to as a quick question. Thank you so much for your professionalism and expertise!
    -Lawrence Midland Dental Centre-

  • Andrew Kay Avatar
    Andrew Kay
    6/26/2020 - Google

    I have been a Tracker user for the last 16 years, as long as I have owned my practice. I have always been very happy with the system. It all flows well, integrates the charting, x-rays, and reports so efficiently. I have to add that what they have done to help with the new COVID protocols is so impressive. We have automated the screening tools to be sent to all patients prior to their appointments, have set up a virtual waiting room, and many other very useful additions. GREAT work and always good support. Thank you, John, Neil and the Tracker Team!

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