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About Tracker

Tracker’s innovative software is designed to meet the needs and wants your practice requires today and in the future. Tracker can integrate with just about any digital radiography or imaging product. It will meet the needs of specialty practices, large multiple-location clinics or a single doctor office.

Tracker is an all-in-one software. No modules or additional software packages to add in later. From accounting and scheduling in the front office, to periodontal charting and treatment planning in the back office, Tracker has all the features in one all-encompassing program.


Tracker offers you a collection of software features that can help build your business with its integrated business solutions. With Tracker you leverage the software to improve patient care and increase your bottom line.


Improve clinical care with comprehensive software tools for charting, treatment planning and notes. You can go fully paperless which can strengthen your relationships with vendors and save you time.


Maximizing productivity is a key to the success of your dental practice. Simple and easy to use integrated eServices boost front office productivity and patient communications.

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  • aggie b. Avatar
    aggie b.
    2/14/2019 - Google

    I deal with Tracker Support quite frequently and they are always super helpful. I had... read more

  • Alexey D. Avatar
    Alexey D.
    2/13/2019 - Google

    Nick went above and beyond in helping me with my accounting dilemma. He was extremely... read more

  • Edward K. Avatar
    Edward K.
    2/12/2019 - Google

    Great technical support team, Dan recently went above and beyond to fix a claims submissions... read more

  • Cheryl R. Avatar
    Cheryl R.
    2/12/2019 - Google

    We have been partnered with The Bridge Network since 2002 and they are a great... read more

  • Akeel A. Avatar
    Akeel A.
    2/07/2019 - Google

    Thank you Nick -Amazing service!!! If you need someone to help you Nick is the... read more

  • Lambton S. Avatar
    Lambton S.
    1/29/2019 - Google

    I spoke with Nick today from Tracker support! He is amazing and was able to... read more

  • Deborah A. Avatar
    Deborah A.
    1/17/2019 - Google

    We just set up a Pediatric Dental practice and would highly recommend Tracker. The program... read more

  • Vandna S. Avatar
    Vandna S.
    1/16/2019 - Google

    Our clinic has had an amazing experience with Tracker. They have helped us... read more

  • Cindy @. Avatar
    Cindy @.
    12/21/2018 - Google

    We have used Tracker for the last 7+ years and have used both Tracker 10... read more

  • Cencom G. Avatar
    Cencom G.
    12/19/2018 - Google

    Over the past 20+ years we have been assisting numerous dental practices across the Greater... read more

  • Eric B. Avatar
    Eric B.
    12/14/2018 - Google

    Overall, a great choice for dental practice management software and they continue to improve and... read more

  • Dennis C. Avatar
    Dennis C.
    11/14/2018 - Google

    We converted to Tracker in 2016 and Tech support is always very friendly, knowledgeable and... read more

  • Barb S. Avatar
    Barb S.
    11/13/2018 - Google

    I have worked with the Tracker dental software program for more than 20 years. ... read more

  • Grand B. Avatar
    Grand B.
    11/07/2018 - Google

    I call Tracker all of the time. I spoke with Nick from Tracker today he... read more

  • Teresa E. Avatar
    Teresa E.
    11/05/2018 - Google

    We had another phase of training for our new software Tracker. This software continues to... read more

  • Fenwick/Klein M. Avatar
    Fenwick/Klein M.
    10/26/2018 - Google

    Tracker support is always exceptional (thank you especially to Dan and Nick). They are quick... read more

  • Denise L. Avatar
    Denise L.
    9/27/2018 - Google

    I am new to Tracker and have had the most wonderful experience with your support... read more

  • Karen T. Avatar
    Karen T.
    9/25/2018 - Google

    I have been using Tracker since 1999. I recently upgraded to Tracker 11 and it... read more

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