It is becoming increasingly common for an individual or group to own multiple practices. This arrangement provides for a number of efficiencies but also poses some challenges. Tracker has 2 different solutions to accommodate your Multi Office business

Tracker Enterprise

The Enterprise Solution consists of a single database that is shared between the multiple locations. A manager could log into Tracker anywhere and pull reports for any of the locations, which are kept segregated by practice. Security is also available so that any given user can only run reports for the practices they are assigned. Patient data is updated in real time and can be accessed from any of the locations, so you can schedule and invoice any patient from any location. If your locations share patients, this is the best solution

Corporate Reporting

If ownership of the various locations is more complicated, or you plan on ‘flipping’ some of your locations, then Enterprise may not work best for you. You can centralize your reporting with Corporate Reporting. Management and Accounting staff can access the Corporate Reporting module either within Tracker or on the stand-alone application to run reports for any location they are authorized for. Corporate Reporting provides the benefits of centralized reporting while otherwise maintaining the separation of data between locations.

If you have any questions about Tracker Enterprise or Corporate Reporting, please contact us!