As most of you know, Tracker Support has a new phone system. We do not have to tell you that the investment was well worth it! Callers have consistently commented on how happy they are to have their calls answered live by a qualified Tracker Technical Support Representative and have their issues resolved.

While our old phone system did the job, this upgrade has provided us a simple call queuing system that has increased the volume of calls answered live. Callers can choose to wait in queue for the next available representative, or opt to leave a message for a prompt call back. In the 6 months since we implemented this change, our live call rate has climbed to 70%! This in turn has decreased response times for clients who opt to leave a message. The system provides endless metrics we previously did not have at our disposal, and has allowed us to continue finding improvements.

The only regret? Not doing this earlier! We talk to clients frequently who echo these same sentiments when they go to digital imaging and charting or upgrade to Tracker 11. As a software company, one would think we would have a perfect understanding of the advantages of technology upgrades. The cost and the learning curve can be intimidating. Trying to plan the ‘perfect time’ to do the upgrade is another barrier as that becomes an endless search. We understand the challenges and benefits of upgrades, and we are here to help you through yours. Just give us a call!