Chances are that a good portion of your time is spent trying to acquire new patients with online marketing strategies. Google AdWords, Referral Marketing, Google Reviews, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), just to mention a few, are bringing people to your website. Hooray! However, what if that potential patient is unable to take the next step in their journey because your office is closed? On to the next dental office they go because, as they say, “there is a dentist on every corner”. OK, so you have decided that you don’t want that to happen to you. Great, but what are your options?

  1. You can enlist a booking directory service who will drive people to the offices who are signed up with them. Someone looking for a ‘Dentist on The Danforth’, for example, will be able to find one such dentist through these services. They might find you, OR they might find your competitor down the road. Their main purpose is to promote their own service. They are equally happy to book 100 patients split 50/50 between you and your competitor or 80/20 because they are paid per new patient, regardless of where that patient goes.
  2. You could have an after-hours call centre that will take calls and book new patients. That is as expensive as it sounds.
  3. You can use Tracker’s New Patient Website Booking Widget 😉

So now that you chose option #3 (great choice), our New Patient Booking Widget (NPBW) will allow patients to book that emergency appointment with your office the very next day, even if they need to book that appointment at 2am in the morning!

The following video demonstrates how the NPBW works, which is included as part of your eServices bundle!