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Tracker, a Practice Management Software, focuses on delivering tailored-made solutions using the latest technology to help your practice run efficiently.

Company History

From its start, Tracker understood and identified the benefits technology would have in the dental industry. It is challenging for companies to keep abreast of the constant changes happening with technology. It’s Tracker’s objective to give answers at a reasonable cost. Today, used in thousands of offices across North America, Tracker is an industry leader.

A 100% privately owned company, Tracker started with an idea that grew into a practice management system people turn to when they need smart software that is intuitive, functional and innovative. Tracker has changed the way dentists do business. We proved that working smart doesn’t have to mean complicated or confusing. We taught offices to be more efficient; we showed how easy it is to do paperless charting and all while working smarter. Tracker is a quality product that can take you where you want to go. The answers you need are in our practice management software.

Founded in the early 1990’s, Tracker provides all the tools needed to run a dental practice including: patient scheduling, reminders, automated electronic forms, reporting, support, training, data storage, user-friendly and more …..

At Tracker, we’re passionate about building software and enhancing the way dentists interact with their patients. We believe that good software is crucial in running a practice, and that really good software is seamless and hassle-free to use. This transparency allows you to do what you need to do with minimal fuss. Simply put, Tracker’s job is to make your job easier!

Mission Statement

Tracker’s mission is to provide industry-specific software solutions to help and support your business.

We want clients to thrive and reap the rewards of hard work. We want you to help you manage and support your business so you can ‘Work Smart and Enjoy Life’.

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