Clinical Capabilities

Digital charting made easier

Perio & Resto Charting

Enable your practice to create digital charts with a number of options and includes general, periodontal, restorative and endodontic charting.  Complete charts from examinations, completed treatment and planned treatment. Tools for charting the conditions are available by type and with the ability to input and store measurements for periodontal readings like pocket depths and gingival recession.  

Image Management

With our one-stop image access, your practice has one of the best control platforms that can easily integrate with your digital imaging equipment.  Designed to support everyday diagnostic needs, the user-friendly software provides the tools you need to work efficiently, all while storing images right in the patient’s chart.

Digital X-ray

With direct connectivity with high-tech devices from leading manufacturers, our imaging allows your practice to capture dental images and video from intraoral cameras, video microscopes, digital cameras, scanners and any radiographic sensor.  View x-rays, intraoral images and other information right from the patient’s chart.

Document Management

De-clutter and organize your patient’s documents in one paperless environment. Having your patient’s documents organized electronically can dramatically improve efficiency and make your staff more productive.

Patient Education

Patients always want to know why and the reason for proposed Treatments and other elective work. We make it easier to make educational booklets documentation for your patients. Our Optio enables practices to show videos and images proving to the patient why procedures are needed.


Case Presentation

Easily showcase patient case studies without having to worry about including patient information or confidential information.  Be proud of your profession and feel free to show off your skills to prospective clients.