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Business Development Features

Run aggregate accounting reports across multiple offices.

Easily share patient information across multiple locations.

Since the start, Tracker’s industry-first Appointment Manager means our clients don’t have to rely on inefficient recall reports, error-prone paper trails, post-it notes or the traditional “back of the book” list. Instead, there is a list of information that is easily viewed, grouped and updated. Based on the popularity of the Appointment Manager, and clients requests, we created a similar proactive online Receivable Manager! We then went a step further by introducing a Treatment Maximizer, which allows you to optimize patient insurance benefits!

Patients are able to automatically check themselves in on arrival to the office.

BackTrack is our online backup system that keeps your data safe no matter what happens at your office.

Ensure your files are safe. Don’t be at risk. Don’t be sorry. BackTrack Online Backup ensures that your data is secure and no need to worry about losing your financial records, patient info, schedules, etc.

A Tracker Add-On, Messenger is instant communication between networked workstations. With a click of the mouse, messages, warnings and notifications can be sent to co-workers working at other computers.