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Clinical Features

Providing structure and efficiency to charting activities while enhancing office communication that results in consistent charting, accurate and instant billing and ideal user and patient workflow. Multiple Layout Views allows each user to define their own workspace to provide all pertinent information within one clinical application.

Charting is a powerful, fully-automated charting software system that offers restorative and periodontal charting, along with comprehensive treatment planning and clinical notes. Charting is not only an integral part of Tracker, but also uniquely integrates with Imaging to give you all the benefits of ‘Visual Charting’. Charting makes it possible for you to be more efficient and consistent in your charting activities while eliminating the chance of missed production from poor communication. All information entered in Charting is fully secure.

Imaging is the cornerstone of ‘Visual Charting.’ It’s a fully mature system that has grown to meet the needs of our clients and promote optimal operatory workflow. Quickly store, retrieve, organize, categorize, showcase, edit, email and print ALL formats of your patient’s digital images.

Designed to be a “hands-free” Auto-Take feature that lets you take direct digital X-rays without touching a keyboard or mouse.

One of the most essential tools for a truly digital office. Send and receive files in digital format and automatically attach it to your patient’s file without ever having to print out a single sheet of paper. It’s as easy as pointing and clicking.

Lets you produce professional presentations from your Treatment Plans.