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Tracker’s suite of eServices is the perfect complement to an office looking to improve how it and its patients connect.

Confirm appointments via email or text. It’s fast and has a higher response rate from patients. Patients get their appointment reminders directly and can just as easily confirm from wherever they may be at the moment freeing up your staff to focus on other things.

The latest version of Tracker has the option letting you engage in real time text messaging with patients. When you send a text confirming your patient’s appointment, a pop-up window lets you know when the patient has responded. Tracker will automatically log these messages in the patient’s file.

Patients can submit their information from the privacy and comfort of their home. This means your staff can review the information before the actual appointment so that patients can spend less time waiting. And, because each office is different, eForms can be customized to fit its specific needs.

Sometimes booking appointments is more time consuming then it should be.

This is where Online Recall Appointment Booking comes in. Tracker can automatically send patients an invitation to book their own recall appointment. Patients choose from appointment blocks that you make available to them without messing up your schedule.