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Practice Management

Scheduling is Tracker’s hub. Its flexibility lets you design the schedule you want while simultaneously working with other multiple, fully-functional schedules. View appointments for the day, the week or the month. Schedule Grouping and Optional Schedule Templating can be used for optimum scheduling efficiency.

Track all the important details of your patients.

Handle multiple complex insurance plans with full EDI support.

Tracker integrates a comprehensive Treatment Planning feature that lets you easily re-organize a plan and record a patient’s acceptance of individual phases of treatment. The status of each group, or individual procedure code, ranging from recommended/elective to completed/declined, can be tracked. If the patient accepts any part of the treatment, you can automatically create an invoice for those procedures. Treatment Planning is tightly integrated with Tracker’s Appointment Manager so pending appointments can be made based on the patient’s treatment plan for easier tracking. Treatment plans are automatically created and updated from Charting.

Tracker offers more than simple Treatment Planning and Invoicing. Each treatment plan status is tracked from the initial diagnosis through to insurance submission to completing the treatment which will automatically create an invoice. Tracker attaches scanned remittances, saves estimates and insurance submissions while automatically logging each EDI response.

Is an expanded version of Tracker to meet the specific needs of orthodontists. Tracker’s Ortho module is simple to use and efficient. A few of the best features in our Ortho module include automatically calculated payments as well as a way to keep track of the ongoing installments paid, provide additional Orthodontic specific information on the ‘Quick Info’ pop-up screen including contract financial details and the patient’s age in years and months. You can assign more than one contract per patient for cases requiring multiple phases.

Tracker delivers educational material in both audio/visual and document formats. Impress patients using effective case presentations with an image library built from your own work.