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It’s challenging to think of a situation where businesses can do well without technology. A smart office is about embracing modern technology while maintaining a human connection. This is why Tracker is the perfect marriage of technology and people. It’s state-of-the-art industry-specific software solution presented in a user-friendly platform.

Easy to Use

Tracker is a user-friendly, fully-integrated software that utilizes the latest available technology. Tracker brings the information to you.  Time won’t be wasted by searching and clicking to find what you need. With its Smart Automated Procedures, Tracker does the thinking for you. For example, by simply hovering over an appointment, the Patient Info Pane automatically displays all pertinent patient information. It gives you access to all information from anywhere giving you great efficiency and flexibility


Tracker underwent its own makeover after receiving input and suggestions from more than 1400 offices. We took that information and redesigned Tracker from the ground up. No other software comes close to the design and functionality of a product with this much longevity.

Smooth Implementation

Implementing a new practice management system with clinical applications involves more than just purchasing software. To facilitate a smooth, stress-free implementation, we created a systematic set of documents, checklist and procedures we call “The Process” to ensure a successful implementation for all our applications.

Tracker offers unsurpassed service and support. From the start, we recognized the importance of top-quality phone support and have always kept it a priority. We take great pride in working closely with our clients while providing them with unlimited toll-free support calls.

Practice Growth


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