Fee Guides

Tracker 11

  • Go to a computer that has Internet access
  • Click on Configuration | Fee Guides | Install Fee Guide
  • Click on Install From Internet
  • Select the Type of Fee Guide
  • Select your Province
  • Checkmark all Fee Guides needed on the right side
  • Click on Install Selected Files.

The files will then download and you will be notified upon completion.

For detailed instructions to install the Fee Guides for Tracker 11 please click here

Tracker 10

To get the latest ODA and DAC Fee Guide click on the link below:

*Click here to download the Tracker 10 ODA and Canada DAC Fee Guide Setup*

Instructions for updating your fee guide using the online Fee Guide Utility (non ODA and DAC Fee Guides)

  • Go to a computer that has Internet access
  • If you need to connect to the Internet, do so now
  • Start Tracker Utilities (in Tracker, click on File | Utilities)
  • Close Tracker on all computers including the computer you are using, and leave Tracker Utilities open
  • In Tracker Utilities, click on Fee Guides | Install Fee Guide
  • Click on ‘Install from Internet’. The bottom of the screen will display a message indicating when “You have been logged on to the automatic update server”
  • In the section labelled ‘Select Type of Fee Guide’, click on ‘Show only New Fee Guides’
  • In the section labelled ‘Select Province’ click on your province
  • In the list of fee guides to the right, place a check on your desired fee guide(s) to install, then click on Install Selected Files.

Please note that only clients who are on support have access to this utility and that any fee guides administered by the ODA are not available via the utility.