As a software trainer, one of the most satisfying part of my job is seeing the “lightbulb” go on for my clients. The moment when I know they “get it” is surpassed only when I come back after some time and see that they have acted upon their knowledge and are using the software well. Sometimes I return to find that things have neither been implemented, nor maintained. The reason for the lack of follow through can sometimes be staffing limitations, but sometimes it is a lack of retention of the information. I end up going over the same things only to see the “lightbulb” go on yet again and I hope for a longer lasting result. Most people need a refresher to keep them on the right path. I understand that most offices can’t afford to have me come in to train their staff every month, so it makes sense for them to take advantage of the many resources available to them.


Tracker has an extensive array of videos available on our website. Sign up for a free membership.

We have “How To” videos for new users.  We have videos on all of the online products we sell such as Online Booking, 2 Way Texting and Confirmations. We even have all of our webinars archived for convenient viewing.  *Not including the ones where Jerome forgot to press “record”.


You can also check out this page for the newest Covid-19 specific features we have added to Tracker.


In Tracker, if you click on Help, you can also see links to our manual as well as our Highlights documents. Every new feature that gets added to Tracker gets a brief explanation in the highlights document.


We have always used email as a way to keep in touch with our clients. We will continue to do that and have started sending Did You Know? emails which will point out aspects of the software for which you may have been unaware. Of course this is not useful if our email ends up in your spam filter, so be sure to check in that folder and also add us to your safe senders list. 


Webinars have been a massive success for Tracker. During the shutdown period of Covid-19, we did weekly webinars on a wide array of topics. Now that we are getting back to normal we will go back to our original webinar schedule of one a month starting in September.   Feel free to sign up even if you will be unable to attend the session and we will send you the recorded video.