Patient Communication

Attract and retain more patients with eServices

Mobile Confirmation Agent

Use modern communication methods to communicate with your patients. With our eServices, patients can confirm and be reminded of their upcoming appointments through text messaging or be reminded through an email.


Enabling patients to update their details and fill out forms prior to arriving to your location is an effective way to decrease wait times and increase production. With our eForms service, patients receive an email and have access to a portal, where all required forms are presented and can be filled at a convenient time.

Online Booking

Patients can book their upcoming appointments on the internet and schedule their appointment at a time that works for them. Giving patients the ability to book online reduces the risk of having them reschedule an appointment, ensuring you always have a full schedule.

Tracker’s New Patient Booking Widget (NPBW) will allow patients to book that emergency appointment with your office the very next day, even if they need to book that appointment at 2am in the morning!

Two-Way Texting

Send text messages directly to your patient’s mobile number. Patients can send your practice messages to either change or ask simple questions.  Free up your phone lines and communicate with your patients through text messaging. SMS enables your practice to have another communication channel available to your patients.

5 Star Review

Tracker’s 5 Star Review will drive positive Google Reviews by allowing your existing, most satisfied patients to post reviews. Word-of-mouth referral is the strongest marketing tool for dental practices. Patients say online reviews are just as important as a dentist’s credentials. Our 5 Star Review will most definitely help to promote and gain new patients for your practice.