Productivity in practice management is probably something on most of our minds, more now than before. From time to time, we keep accumulating that To-do List, in Tracker and our Practice Operations. Well, now is the time to review and check off that list!
We had a wonderful and large attendance on this webinar. I am really glad to see so many of you utilizing this time to maximize your usage of Tracker through the various e-learning modules we are currently offering. Namely, the video tutorials on our member’s website for which you can easily sign up, our weekly webinar Wednesdays throughout April, Online training and Strategic Practice Analysis opportunities for those offices who would like to review areas of increased potential in Tracker.
This webinar focused on the productive ways you could engage during this downtime to:

C – Communicate with your patients
O – Opportunity
V – Visibility (to your patients and amongst your team)
I – Innovate or Improve your operational flow
D – Decide your Re-opening Strategy

Capitalize on Tword in Tracker as a great tool for communication and internal marketing. You can create content on Tword, example tips to maintain Dental Health and share them with your patients via email mass messages. You could also send out newsletters through T word to maintain connection with your patients and keep them abreast on various updates.
Here is a link to sending out Mass Communications

Personally, I encourage offices to use this Opportunity of down time to teleconference with your patients and have Virtual consults. Your schedule in Tracker does not need to look empty even now! Utilize Schedule templating and Online booking to have patients book Virtual consults. We had some offices in BC and Ontario mention about the ability to charge a fee for Virtual consults. Make sure to check the regulations for your province.

We’ve had a lot of offices reach out to us, to utilize this Opportunity to Go Chartless. We’ve charted a road map for offices to make the transition easier without an initial investment. Feel free to contact our sales team for more information on this.

During the webinar, we also discussed the opportunity to Transition lab cases into Tracker.
To view the link to the Lab case webinar from December 2019 , please click here to register on our Member’s Videos Page .

Visibility is key even in isolation. Being in touch with your team, through the use of virtual meetings and your patients, through Social media, allow your presence to be felt and essentially ensure we are maintaining connection though socially distant.

Innovate or improve your operational flow through strategic use of tools in Tracker. Features such as billing chairside using Super codes, using enhanced miscellaneous codes for better auditing, creating Short notice patient lists and setting categories for Target marketing to your client base. These will help streamline and ease daily functioning once you are back up and running.

Though uncertainty may cloud the horizon at this point in time, your Re-opening strategy is one that will not only be crucial, but extremely vital in defining how you re-establish the practice in its diurnal modus operandi. Avoid pushing this out for later, instead Be Ahead of the Curve, list out your business and human resource needs, set production and collection goals and charter a path forward onto recovery.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and we’ll meet again next Wednesday 