Text messaging has increasingly become the preferred form of communication and it is crucial for practices to successfully communicate with patients (especially their millennials) in this way. Not only do they prefer texting, most millennials hate talking on the phone.

If you aren’t using an electronic services, to text with your patients, then you should highly consider integrating texting into your practice. People are more likely to respond to text messages than answer a phone call – especially if they don’t recognize the number.

How using text messaging for patient communications can help boost your business:

  • Increase Efficiency: Think of all the time your staff spends dialing, waiting for an answer, waiting for voicemail, leaving a message, repeating themselves when the patient calls back and says they didn’t even bother to listen to the message.  Now think of how much time it takes your staff to send a text message.  Now add up this difference over how many phone calls they make in a day.  Huge time saver! That’s not to say your staff will never need to make a phone call, but it does mean they will be able to prioritize calls. Calls are still important for those patients who don’t use email or text.
  • Convenience and Quality: People are busy, including your patients! They may not always be able to answer a phone call, but they may have a moment to read a text reminder.

Texting your patients is easy.  When you have a last minute cancellation, send a text to fill that spot.  You will be amazed at the rate of response from your patients!

Give your patients what they want! If they prefer to text, why wouldn’t you cater to what they want?  Offering alternative forms of communication shows your patients you are able to meet their individual needs and personalize their experience with you.  Furthermore, the saved time from texting instead of calling everyone will likely give your front desk the ability to interact more with patients standing in front of them.