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If your Office will like to temporary disable MCA please go to Tracker Options

Click on the Left side onto TrackerNet

Ensure you record/write down each notitification Action that you have before changing each of your notifications to Do Not Send and when done click on OK at the bottom and restart Tracker.

Next you will need to Dequeue all Pending Messages. To do so go to the Online Appointment Manager from the computer that sends out the SMS messages and email messages for the eServices.  From there go to Confirmations/Reminders at the bottom do a search for Dates as all and click on the Confirmations as Queued and click on the Search button.

Each queued item will be highlighted click on one and click on the Dequeue button on the right side.  Repeat until nothing is Queued.

When ready to reactivate please update the Action to what you recorded prior to setting to Do Not Send.

After saving the settings please close Tracker on all machines and reopen.

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To create a T-Word Template you first need to use a computer with a supported version of Microsoft Word installed.

On the toolbar click on the drop down arrow beside the T-Word icon and click on Template List

Now in the new window that opened click on the New Template button

A new window will open for the Template Information, simply give it a name in the Enter a meaningful name for the template section and then click on OK

Word will now open on your computer and you will notice a smaller window that opened alongside Word.  This window is for merge fields for instance if you want the patient’s first name you will use the Contact Data selection, then Contact and then First Name.  To insert the First Name field click on it and then click on the Insert Button.

When you are done creating your template click on the Done button as seen in the image above.

Please Exit and Reopen Tracker to properly use the template.