I hope that you had the chance to take part in our Webinar on this topic. If not, we decided to put Jerome’s notes into a blog. You can also contact us if you missed it and we can hook you up with a copy of the video.

We will focus on Tracker features you can use to help reschedule all the patients displaced by the Covid-19 shutdown.

Every office will come up with their own plan for coping with this unprecedented situation. We would like to share our thoughts along with some feedback we have received from our clients and trainers. Efficiency will be the key to recovery. If you do not already have the ability to book online, nor send mass texts to patients now would be a good time to start. Even if you do not subscribe to our eServices we have mass communication tools you may not be aware of.

We have recently added some new online resources which you can register at this url http://gotracker.com/membership-join/membership-registration/

You will find information on sending mass communications at this link http://gotracker.com/tutorials/

Online tutorials will be a focus for us during this slowdown, so check that page out regularly for updated content.

It is the consensus of the clients we have talked to and our trainers that all appointments should be cancelled in Tracker during the shutdown. Some offices have printed their day sheets, or Appointment list reports to get an accurate picture of what the day looked like before it fell apart. Of course, there is a Missed Appointment report, which will show what was cancelled and whether the appointment was rebooked, but some people prefer the format of the other reports.

Using T-Word and MCA to send mass communication to scheduled patients is the most efficient way to get the word out to your patients. Our subscription service is not required to send mass emails, but you will need the subscription service to send messages via text.

Each office will have to choose between Office Cancel and Cancelled when cancelling appointments. We suggest using Office Cancel and adding COVID, or some other indication for the reason for cancelling either in the Detail of the appointment, or in the Comments section.

Appointments to be rescheduled should either be placed in Pending, or Waiting.
All appointments will have the Original Date properties of the cancelled appointment, so you don’t have to worry about inaccurate information regarding due dates.

After Covid-19
You can apply a template to your schedule to reserve time for the patients displaced by the shutdown. It may also be a good idea to build in social distancing gaps in the schedule to minimize the amount of time patients have to spend in the waiting room.
Now would be a great time to implement chair side billing and booking if you have not done so already.

The Practice Summary is a great report to look at the effect changes have on your practice. It can be run for 2 periods which allows you to compare 2020 to 2019, or 2019 to 2021 as examples.

Missed Appointments is a fantastic report to use to make sure all the displaced patients get rebooked. We don’t want to leave them “Lost in the forest.”
We wish you all good fortune in dealing with this pandemic both personally and professionally.

We are available for technical support and training as well as implementing new parts of the software like charting, or the online eServices.

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