Traditional dental picture taking is a three-step process: aim, shoot and transfer the picture. But wireless photography has changed that! Tracker’s wireless photography solutions eliminate the transfer of photos letting you just aim and shoot. That’s it. If you’ve tried the Eye-Fi or Toshiba FlashAir solutions and are frustrated with the constant troubleshooting and lack of proper support, then our wireless photography will be a breath of fresh air simply because it works. Tracker’s Android app is a low-cost way of getting into this world. Another excellent option is our Dental EyePad.

A picture is far more colourful than words and that’s just one of the reasons you should be taking more patient photographs. Digital photography can have numerous impacts on your dental practice and can be an effective tool in educating your patients that will encourage interest and discussion about their treatment. A few examples where digital photography is useful:
– Visual Charting
– Co-discovery with patient.
– Reviewing treatment before patient is in the chair
– Comparing over time with patient
– When patients think they ‘found something new’
– Treatment Planning & Case Presentations
– Communicating with Labs and specialists