Business Management

Drive Profits and Increase Efficiency


Corporate Reporting

Know exactly how each location of your business is functioning. Standardized reporting makes it easier for accountants and managers to monitor the financial success of locations across multiple offices


Inter-connecting multiple locations enables staff to access information for all patients from any location. This gives businesses with multiple locations the ability to have centralized staff.


Harness the power of real-time metrics. Maximize the use of Tracker and identify areas for Improvement with our Strategic Practice Analysis. With so many tools available, you can ensure the highest return on your investment.


Remote backup is great in the event of a disaster. Our remote backup software gives businesses extra peace of mind knowing that their data is off-site.  For information and pricing please click here

Cloud Based Server

With Tracker’s cloud-based option, you can reduce the amount of storage taken up by x-rays, imaging and patient files. You can store data and access your software from anywhere, using an internet connection. This model replaces the cost of owning and maintaining a server in your office. Regular automated backups are generated and stored on the cloud servers, eliminating the need to perform nightly backups.


Mobile integration with Tracker coming soon.