Find out how your PRACTICE is really performing?

Completing a Strategic Practice Analysis/Data Review will show you just how well your office is using Tracker and will also help you better understand if your practice is running efficiently or not.

Learning to use Tracker to maximize efficiency and productivity is the key to unlocking its full potential.
Tracker’s Data Review is simple and effective and will outline your areas of strength, as well as areas in need of improvement.

Increase Efficiencies – Reduce Errors – Implement Improvements – Identify Opportunities – Save Money

It is quite common that over time your Tracker skills can become diluted and it may well be that you are only taking advantage of a fraction of the features available to you.

With a trained Tracker Specialist, we will perform a Strategic Practice Analysis data review and provide you with a report that outlines the health of your practice and how your staff is actually using Tracker.

Tracker’s Strategic Practice Analysis will identify immediate areas of opportunity, and results from this analysis will show your staff has a full understanding of Tracker’s business tools.  The goal is to make sure Tracker is being used to its full potential so your practice becomes more efficient as it grows.

Our Training Sessions take a hands on approach to help your office learn what needs to be improved, how to fix and address issues to focus on immediate improvements.

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Ensure your practice is optimizing its use of Tracker.

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Benefits of a SPA


Opportunity to Improve

Our experienced Tracker trainers will analyze your Tracker usage to ensure your practice is getting the most out of our software and show you how your practice can become more efficient.

Detailed Summary Report

Our overview summary report will tell you what needs fixing and identify immediate areas of improvement.

Implement Improvements

With a follow up training session, we will enable your office to learn what needs to be improved, how to fix them and address any issues to focus on immediate improvement.

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