A common perception about Millennials is they prefer texting over traditional means of communication while the older generation is still hanging on to phone calls and emails to connect. It turns out the pandemic has shifted consumer behaviour across generational lines and businesses must adapt their communication strategies accordingly. In other words, start texting!

People are more likely to respond to text messages than answer a phone call – especially if they don’t recognize the number. How about email? Emails are less effective for a number of reasons, most notably the problem of spam. Your patients might even be giving you a secondary email account they never check.

Texting Your Patients Can Help Boost Your Business:

Increase Efficiency: Think of the time your staff spends dialing a number, waiting for an answer only to get a voicemail, having to leave a message and then repeating that message when, and if, the patient calls back. Compare that time to sending a text message. In some cases the messages are fully automated and take no time. Now, add up this difference to how many phone calls are made in a day. Huge time saver! That’s not to say your staff will never make a phone call again, but it does mean they can prioritize calls.

Convenience and Quality: Your patients are busy. They may not be able to answer a phone call or listen to a voicemail, but they will have a second to read a text reminder. When you have a last minute cancellation, send a text to fill the spot. You might be surprised at the quick responses from your patients!

Meet your patients where they are, which is on their smartphone! Offering alternative forms of communication proves to your patients you can meet their individual needs and personalize their dental experience with you.

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