Have you ever purchased a car with the latest, greatest tech, only to see it all eclipsed by the newer model a few years later? Imagine that car came with a support package where the dealer upgraded your car annually with all the newest design, safety features, infotainment and performance. Unfortunately, cars don’t work that way, but Tracker does! Tracker is the vehicle that takes your practice to your goals. Your Tracker Support and Maintenance comes with updates to keep you ahead in this ever-changing and competitive dental industry.

But here is the question: Are you taking advantage of these features?

When showing Tracker to new and existing clients, we are often asked ‘Where does Tracker get all of these great ideas?”. There is a temptation to take all of the credit, but the truth is that these ideas come from you, the Tracker community. From our support team, to our trainers and during product demonstrations, we are all tuned to understand our clients. At Tracker, we put a great deal of value in evolving the software to meet and exceed your needs and we do this by actively listening. We hear your problems, your concerns and your ideas. We are not dentists, so we turn to you, the experts, to learn about the latest challenges and opportunities in the industry. At the start of the pandemic, when new COVID screenings and protocols were introduced, it caused chaos for patients and offices. In response, we delivered integrated screenings and our Virtual Waiting Room with unprecedented speed to keep staff and patients safe and offices running smoothly. This is a story of product innovation that most of the Tracker community is familiar with. What if we told you that each and every Tracker update is full of innovations that could solve a problem, improve a process or enhance patient experiences? This is exactly what we are doing with each and every Tracker update. The best run offices are those that devour these updates and incorporate the improvements in the software to improve their clinics. In the software business, if you aren’t actively developing and pushing forward, you are being left behind. There is no standing still. Your dental clinic is no different, and Tracker is your secret weapon. So are you driving a vintage 1997 Tracker? Or the supercharged 2022 Tracker with the integrated patient communications package?

To review all of the updates, this is all you need to do: In Tracker click on Help, then click Recent Updates. You will see all the updates from 11.21 to 11.30, showcasing the improvements with helpful descriptions, and in many cases videos to go along with them.

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