Practice Management

An easy and efficient way to improve efficiency and grow your practice


Optimize scheduling efficiency. Design you own schedule and work simultaneously with multiple fully-functional schedules. View appointments by the day, the week or the month – at a glance. Use Schedule Grouping and Optional Schedule Templating for optimal scheduling efficiency.


Keep all of your practice contacts in one place including professional and vendor contacts. Easily update contact details and update methods of communication. Patient and office communications are stored for reference.


Easily track insurance usage and determine if a claim is successful. Keep EOBs and adjudications in a historical record and have invoices update automatically based on the information provided. Maximize efficiency with family insurance that is fast and easy to configure.


Send claims digitally to insurance companies from the treatment plan or invoice. Digital claims verify critical information and reduce the number of rejected claims. Attach digital x-rays, periodontal charts and photographs through our practice management software.

Tracker Messenger

Keeping connected is important and we make it easy! With a few simple clicks, staff can send messages to each other without having to leave their desks.


Process monthly ortho billings automatically. Create ortho contracts, print or send claims electronically. View a filtered list of ortho progress notes and create monthly billings quickly and easily.

Treatment Planning

Tracker incorporates a comprehensive Treatment Planning feature. Easily re-organize a plan and record a patient’s acceptance of individual treatment phases. Track the status of each group or individual procedure code. Automatically create an invoice for procedures accepted by the patient. Treatment Planning is tightly integrated with our Appointment Manager so pending appointments can be made, and treatment plans are created and updated from Charting.

Patient Check In

Help front office and hygiene staff work together seamlessly. Patient check-in notifies hygiene staff of the patient arrival and staff members can follow the patient flow from arrival to chair to departure from the office. Notifications show directly on the schedule and as a pop-up. With Tracker, patients can check in via a kiosk, freeing up reception staff.

Patient Retention

With retention reports, your practice can ensure patients have follow up appointments booked and do not fall dormant. 


Know the ins and outs of your practice. Let Tracker indicate what Treatment Plans require follow ups, which accounts and insurance remittances are behind on payments, and how efficiently your practice is running?


Offer your patients the convenience of contactless payments. Run your practice more efficiently and give patients the convenience they expect by allowing them to pay by text or email, contactless transactions through an online patient portal, and accepting all major payment types. Tracker’s integrated payment solution allows you to eliminate double entry, costly errors, and reconcile time. Learn More